The Travel industry is rapidly changing, we at Sandy Row Travel have invested heavily in the very best technology helping our clients to take advantage of industry leading solutions such as Traveller Tracking, Live interactive reporting on demand.

Sandy Row Traveller App or our very own online Booking tool solution giving our client a full approval system to enter the travel policy perimeters are adhered to at all times. Technology trends can best improve the operational and commercial performance of the air travel industry.

SRTraveller Tracking

Our advanced online traveller tracking tool is a must-have for the hands-on travel coordinator. Its special features include instant mapping of current and future travel, bespoke reporting and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) alerts. It serves as an invaluable Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) tool.

SRTravel App

Our own Sandy Row Travellers App provides you with an integrated mobile channel, offering our travellers pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip functionalities to fulfil their travel needs on the move. Ease the stress of travel by having access to all your travel information in one place. Whether your flight is delayed or on-time you can be sure to be updated through our in app notification feature.
The vast majority of travellers have access to a smart phone. We at Sandy Row Travel have created our very own product to ensure the traveller has all essential information in one place with additional features such as online check-in, local information and the ability to book your own hotels, should you wish to do so.

Download our SRTravel App on: iTunes Store | Google Play Store

Management Information

As an integral part of our travel management service, we provide our clients with the ability to access financial information relating to their travel programmes, via our technologically advanced interactive online reporting system. Not only does this report on travel expenditure but also monitors fare savings, policy adherence and travel behaviour.

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Visa Booking System

Our bespoke online visa booking and tracking system is powered by our partner VisaSwift. This enables you to arrange and manage the visas required for all your travel plans.

Accessible to all travellers via our website, this smart application also saves time for any corprate travel planners or bookers.

Additional services such as international consular care assistance, passport applications and renewals are also available.

To book a VISA please go to our: VISA Page

Online Booking Tool (OBT)
Bespoke, built in-house and developed for our client base, our OBT provides the ideal solution for our clients’ needs. With its flexible policy structure the OBT gives you the perfect platform to fulfil all your travel 24 hours of the day with guaranteed last seat availability.

With our OBT, clients keep control of their corporate travel programme and satisfy travellers with the best choices:

  • Employees can easily plan, book and purchase complete travel itineraries within their company’s internal guidelines
  • Organisations integrate the elements of their global travel programmes, including travel policies, preferred suppliers and negotiated rates, into one easy-to-use solution leading to realised cost savings.

Our OBT is designed to complement and not replace our hands on account management practices. This provides clients with the ability to book travel at any time whilst remaining within the company’s guidelines.